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E (Border)
12.06.2022: Ch. Nothing Compares to Wendevick of Vipers Pride x JCh.Rosegarden Coconut Daiquiri

A (Corgi)
30.06.2021: Ch. Daredevil's Hunting for Compliments from Staken x Ch. Daredevil's Q As A Button from Staken
A boy named Quindim, tricolour Rüde
A compliment to Fred, tricolour Rüde
Acts like a Daredevil, tricolour Rüde
A life of love with Watson, tricolour Rüde

D (Border)
14.08.2020: Ch. Rosegarden Amigo Mojito x Wendevick Quiet dream at Rosegarden
Desperados, Rüde, black-white
Drambuie Tropical at Wendevick, Rüde, black-white
Dreamsicle at Wendevick, Hündin, black-white
Dry Gin, Hündin, black-white
Dutch Dynamite, Hündin, black-white

C (Border)
23.07.2019: Rosegarden Amigo Mojito x Wendevick Quiet Dream at Rosegarden
Caribbean Blue, Rüde
Carly’s Passion, Rüde
Come fly with me, Rüde
Cranberry Mojito, Rüde
Creamy Bee Martini, Rüde
California Dream, Hündin
Coconut Daiquiri, Hündin

B (Border)
20.05.2015: JCh. Quimby at Real Pearl x Ch. Rosegarden What’s Up Sunshine
   Baileys Honey Bee, Hündin
   Batida de Côco, Hündin
   Bay Breeze, Hündin
   Bitches Brew, Hündin
   Black Pearl, Hündin

A (Collie)
29.04.2015: Ch. Jaybit Simply Heart ‘n’ Soul x Ch. Rosegarden Xplosive Flame
   African Sunset Rüde
   American Idol  Rüde
   Asian Fashion  Rüde
   Australian Summer  Hündin

Z (Collie)
25.04.2013: JCh. Heaven can Wait vom Haus Rosenpracht x Ch. Rosegarden Xplosive Flame
   Zero Risk, Rüde
   Zazoona Fashion, Hündin
   Zeal for Souls, Hündin

Y (Collie)
08.06.2012: JCh. Heaven can Wait vom Haus Rosenpracht x Ch. Rosegarden Xplosive Flame
  You're my Heaven, Rüde
   Yumpin' Jack, Rüde
  Yungle Drum, Rüde
   Yamaica Fever,  Hündin
  Yoin Yersey, Hündin
  Yust a Breeze, Hündin

A (Border)
24.04.2012: Bayshore Avatar Tobiano  x Ch. Rosegarden What’s up Sunshine
   Always my Sunnyboy, Rüde
   Amigo Mojito, Rüde
   Absinth Sunset, Hündin
   African Summer, Hündin

X (Collie)
03.04.2009: Fairy Lodge He will be Loved x Rosegarden Quickstep to Heaven
   Xcellent Son of Brandy, R
   Xciting Day in April, H
   Xplosive Flame, H

W (Border)
26.03.2008: Wendevick Zeus Willem x Heartland B’ Wendevick
   Walkin’ in Style, R
   Wallflower, H
  Wendevick Faithful, H
   What’s up Sunshine, H
   Wendevick Johna, H
   Wendevick Quellyane, H
   Whirlwind Wendy, H

V (Collie)
   Vince Lombardi, R
   Virgil Hill, R
   Victoria’s Secret, H

U (Collie)
08.05.2006: Caledonian Haggis Hunter x Rosegarden Heaven-Sent
   Up to Date

T (Collie)
08.06.2005: Rosegarden El Chico x Rosegarden Quickstep to Heaven
   That’s Taboo
   Tiger Tim
   Tom Taylor
   Toy Boy Twain
   Talk to an Angel
   True Dream


R (Collie)
   Royal Ragman

Q (Collie)
   Queen of Brooklyn
   Quickstep to Heaven

E (Collie)
   El Chico